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Skip Bayless Net Worth

  • Skip Bayless Net Worth: $12 Million
  • Skip’s Yearly Salary: $5.5 Million

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Skip Bayless

Skip is a sports columnist that was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, on December 4, 1951. Skip’s full name is Edward Bayless II. Skip currently works for the Fox Sports (FS1) where he hosts the show “Skip and Shannon: Undisputed”. He signed his contract in 2016 where it will pay him $5.5M per for four years, plus $4M signing bonus. Skip earns more money per year than all but:


  • 49 NHL players
  • 112 NBA players
  • 197 NFL players
  • 198 MLB players

Skip Bayless Career

Skip Bayless graduated from Vanderbilt University and began working as a writer almost after he graduated from college. In 1976, he joined the LA times and was famous for his investigative sport stories. After a year he won the Eclipse Award for Outstanding Newspaper Writing.


Then he worked for 17 years for the Dallas Times Herald. During this time he wrote 3 books about the Dallas Cowboys. Then he left for Chicago Tribune where he was a writer for 3 years.


He was invited to host on ESPN show called “Rome is Burning” and also was in weekly “Sportcenter” show. In 2004, Skip became a full time employee for ESPN. He hosted various show’s for ESPN such as, “Cold Pizza”, “First Take”, and “First and 10”. In 2016 he was seeking a big contract from ESPN because he was very famous on the “First Take” show. Fox Sports went ahead and gave him a $26 million 4 year contract to take him away from ESPN.


Skip Bayless Net Worth

Bayless became famous when he started hosting the “First Take Show” and now he wants to take the same success and apply it to his new show “Skip and Shannon:Undisputed”. Skip Bayless Net Worth is $12 Million dollars.