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Steffi Graf Income

Steffi Graf Income

Full Name, Name Stefanie Maria “Steffi” Graf
Age, Born She is 44 years old, she was born on June, 14, 1969 in Mannheim, Baden-Wurttemberg, West Germany.
Net Worth $ 50 Million
Endorsement Longines, Adidas, Louis Vuitton, Rexona, T-Mobile, Teekanne, Nintendo, Barilla, and Opel, etc
Source of Wealth Tennis
Achievements Competitor with West Germany: She got Gold medal 1984 Singles played in LA and 1988 Singles played in Seoul, in 1988 Bronze Medal Double played in Seoul.

Competitor with Germany: in 1992 She got Silver medal Singles played in Barcelona.

Family She married to Andre Agassi, the have one son Jaden Gill and one daughter Jazz Elle.


Steffi Graf is a professional tennis player from German. She has being number 3 tennis player worldwide. In 1988, Graf is one of player who has achieved fantastic achievement like she won 22 Grand Slam including 7 Wimbledon titles, Golden Slam and Olympic Gold Medal. She began her career from 1982 and she retired since 1999. She has net worth approximately $ 50 Million. To date, she holds record for the longest time as the best professional Tennis player both male and female category. It was recorded that, she is considered as the greatest female tennis player of the 20th century by the Associated Press.

Based on her wealth, Graff have total money around $ 21,891,306 from tennis career where she earned of $ 2.2 million from tennis winnings in 1992. In this case, most of Graff income comes from her sponsor deals with Longines, Adidas, Louis Vuitton, Rexona, T-Mobile, Teekanne, Nintendo, Barilla, and Opel where she has got around $ 6 Million. Besides that, she married to Andree Agassi who a former professional men’s tennis player number 1 worldwide then they have two children. Besides that, she is the founder and chairperson of “Children for Tomorrow” foundation to support children.