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Stephen A. Smith Net Worth 2017

  • Stephen A. Smith Net Worth 2017: $10 Million
  • Smith’s Salary: $3.5 Million

Source: ESPN


Stephen A. Smith is a popular sports talk show host for American Sports who has a net worth of $10 Million. He earns $3.5 Million annually from ESPN and $1 million for his Sirus/XM Radio show. His net worth comes from a variety of things such as, radio, TV shows and as a journalist. Skip Bayless is making close to $25 million with his new Fox Sports deal and we are all wondering if Stephen A Smith would want a deal like that with ESPN next?


Stephen A Smith Career Timeline


1990- 2000

Smith’s career started when he started writing for the local newspaper, The Daily News and the Philadelphia Inquirer. He was writing for local college teams around the Philadelphia area before he moved up to a general sports columnist in 2003. He was promoted 9 times in 13 years as an inquirer and then was hired in 2003 by ESPN.


Smith has been with ESPN for a decade, in New York most of the time. He had a radio show that was on ESPN nationally and then he started NBA analyst and commentator for a few years. In 2009 he left ESPN because of his contract dispute but came back in 2011. He started ESPN “First Take” with Skip Bayless in 2012.

2015- 2017

Smith is the host for “First Take” on ESPN every weekday. He is on radio for ESPN in New York, Los Angeles and Sirius XM ESPN. In 2015, he signed his recent contract with ESPN for $3.5 million per year.


Stephen A Smith Net Worth 2017

Stephen A. Smith Net Worth 2017 is $10 million. The next question is will he compete for a big contract like Skip Bayless from Fox Sports? It has been reported that Stephen A. Smith has switched his representation to CAA. Smith wants Skip Bayless money and he has the potential to earn it.