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Superwoman Aka Lilly Singh Net Worth 2017

  • Lilly Singh Net Worth 2017 is 9 Million
  • Her Salary is 2.5 million


About Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh is a YouTube sensation. On YouTube she is ranked 3rd in the worlds top earning YouTube star of 2016. She was born in 1988 in Scarborough, Toronto in a Sikh family. Her Mom and Dad are from Punjab, India. She got her Bachelor of Arts in Phycology from York University.

Lilly Singh Career

We all know that Lilly Singh is amazing at what she does. Most of us may not know how she got into making YouTube videos. Lilly was fighting depression and she lost all motivation to live. The only way for her to defeat depression was to start a YouTube channel where she could express her feelings online. She shares in one of her Draw My Life videos that she lost the desire to live, had no friends, no goals and no motivation.

She started posting YouTube videos as a Hobby in 2010. On YouTube she started making videos to make her audience laugh and help her connect with others. Lilly became great motivational speaker because she learned how handle her problems. With videos, she has helped many people overcome their fears and depression.

Her YouTube Channel’s name is, “|| SuperWoman ||”. It is one of the fastest growing channels on YouTube with 11.5 million subscribers and 2 billion views. She has won a few Awards: Shorty Award and Steamy Award plus 2 teen choice awards.

Lilly Singh Net Worth 2017

Lilly makes close to 2.5 million a year as a south Asian comedian on YouTube. Two of her campaigns are – “ A trip to Unicorn Island” and Coca Cola “Share a Coke” in 2015. She has her own lipstick brand with SmashBox. “ You Give Life Character”, is her advertising campaign on YouTube. YouTube has helped Lilly Singh reach a net worth of 9 million.

5 Quick Facts you may not know about Lilly Singh

  1. She makes $2.5 Million a year
  2. Had to over come depression
  3. Studied Psychology in college
  4. Her parents completely different from what she portrays in her videos
  5. First South Asian comedian on YouTube