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The Best Composer of Our Time: Hans Zimmer Net Worth

  • Hans Zimmer Net Worth is $90 million
  • Zimmer has scored the best films of Hollywood
  • The Lion King, The Dark Knight, Inception are scored by Hans Zimmer

Inception, What a great film!

The film “Inception” focused on a fascinating idea of dreams within dreams, to plant an idea inside an individual’s mind. It featured A-list actor Leonardo DiCaprio and others. Director Christopher Nolan was nominated for Best Picture, and Best Original Screenplay. “Inception” had a budget of $160 million and grossed over $800 million at the box office.


Directed by one of the best, the film was full of great actors. Another great thing about the film is the music. It can only be described as epic. The music captures the intensity and mysteriousness of the film incredibly well.


So,who composed the music? –Hans Zimmer.


Composer, Hans Zimmer

Hans Zimmer is a German born composer. Today, Hans is recognized as one of the best Hollywood composers, due to his innovative musical talents. In 1988, Hans was asked to score “Rain Man” for director Barry Levinson. The film earned Hans his first Academy Award nomination, Best Original Score.


Hans Zimmer & The Lion King

The animated film “The Lion King” became wildly popular. The soundtrack for the film has sold over 15 million copies. “The Lion King” soundtrack earned him an Academy Award for Best Original Score‚ a Golden Globe‚ an American Music Award‚ a Tony and two Grammy Awards.


Hans Zimmer Popular Film Score

The German composer has scored the top films in Hollywood. Do you remember the soundtrack for “Gladiator”? Hans Zimmer composed the music for the film. He received an Oscar nomination‚ in addition to Golden Globe and Broadcast Film Critics Awards for his epic score. The “Gladiator” soundtrack sold more than three million copies worldwide.


Zimmer’s other scores include “Mission: Impossible 2”‚ “The Road To El Dorado” and “An Everlasting Piece”. Not to mention, he scored “The Dark Knight”. One of the best Batman films.


Zimmer’s musical efforts have earned him quite a sum of money. Hans Zimmer’s net worth is $90 million.