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Tim Cook Net Worth As the CEO of Apple (2018)

  • In 2018, Tim Cook has a net worth of $625 million
  • In 2017, Tim Cook earned a salary (and bonuses) of $12.8 million
  • Tim Cook became CEO of Apple in 2011
  • Tim Cook has publicly identified himself as gay in 2014

Quick Summary of Tim Cook’s Net Worth, Salary and other Earnings:

2017 Salary: $12.8 million

Nike shares value: $3,399,662

Apple shares value: $621,973,055

Total Net Worth: $625 million

Tim Cook From IBM To Apple

Tim Cook was born in Robertsdale, Alabama in 1960. He started his successful career at IBM, and worked his way up to be the company’s North American Fulfillment director. Next, he became a COO of the reseller division at Intelligent Electronics.


He also held a position at Compaq Computer Corp. (Brownie points if you remember Compaq computers). After briefly staying with Compaq, he joined Apple in 1998.


Before he joined Apple the company had a reported a lost of $1 billion. However, Tim was able to turn that around. In 1997, Apple reported losses but, in 1998 the company reported profits. Tim was able to help the company grow before any of the “iDevices” were released.

Tim Cook Salary, Earnings & Assets

In 2011, Steve Jobs stepped down from the CEO seat of Apple and Tim Cook took his position. Apple continues its dominance in the phone sector as well as the technology sector as a whole under Tim Cook. This is exemplified by the recent release of the anniversary edition Apple iPhone X, earnings of $34 million.


According to time magazine, Cook’s total Apple shares and options are worth $621,973,055. Further the magazine reported, Tim owns additional stock in Nike worth $3,399,662. In 2017, Tim cook earned $12.8 million from Apple.


Based on the data available, Tim cook has a net worth $625 million. Although the number might be much higher, this is our best estimate. Not all of Tim Cook’s financial data is publicly available.


In 2014, Cook publicly identified himself as gay, becoming the first openly gay CEO on the Fortune 500 list.