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About Tom Brady Endorsements

Forbes wrote in their page that Tom Brady endorsement is about $4 million with total earning reached $27.1 million.

About Tom Brady Endorsements

Well it can’t be helped since Tom Brady is a prominent name for the National Football League (NFL). With his popularity as football quarterback for the New England Patriots a lot of company endorses Tom Brady. What company does Tom Brady endorse? According some media journalist this 35 year old man was endorsed for Nike, Sirius, Visa, Movado Watches, Got Milk? Wheaties cereals, Awesome Suce and UGGS. See with those companies that endorse him, no wonder Forbes than placed Tom Brady in number 28 of  The World’s Highest-Paid Athletes. Despite that Tom Brady’s popularity in media with those kind of endorsement make, he sat at number 60 in top 100 celebrities. Well everybody should admit that Tom Brady is the best quarterback in the National Football League. This fact makes some companies decide to endorse him and it will give much money for both the company and Tom Brady himself. Media journalist and economic criticism in America said that hired Tom Brady for the endorsement is an accurate measure of business opportunities. It’s because it was predicted that the product that Tom Brady endorse is will get more famous and some always sold out in the market. Till this year, it was noticed that Tom Brady is endorsing for almost 12 products. Not only his popularity as a football player, but good body figure and a good looking face becoming those companies reason to hire Tom Brady.

Tom Brady and His Endorsements

Thomas Edward Patrick “Tom” Brady, Jr is  an American football quarterback of the  National Football League (NFL), for the  New England Patriots. Tom Brady shows his talent in football since very young but his talent began to clearly see when he was attending the University of Michigan. In the collage he was playing for the Michigan Wolverines football team and becoming one of brilliant player there. In 2000, Tom Brady signed exclusive contract for  the  New England Patriots until today. In 2004 to 2006, Tom Brady dated actress  Bridget Moynahan but broke up at 2007 right before Bridget Moynahan giving birth their son,  John Edward Thomas Moynahan. Currently Tom Brady married to Brazilian supermodel  Gisele Bündchen and blessed with two kids. The family lived in $20 million mansion  in the Brentwood.

Tom Brady shows us that he used his ability and his appearance to earn much money. And since he is still quite young, it’s possible for Tom Brady to get another endorsement and earn much money.