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Troublesome Kid That Became One of the Richest Rappers: Eminem

Troublesome Kid That Became One of the Richest Rappers; Eminem

Name Marshall Bruce Mathers III
Age, Born 40 years old, St. Joseph, Missouri, United States,  October 17, 1972
Net Worth $250 million
Source of Wealth Singer, songwriter, actor
Endorsements Chrysler and Lipton
Assets Shade 45 Sirius, Shady Ltd. Clothing, Shady Games – RELAPSE, Eight Mile Style LLC, Shady Records, Michigan Mansion in Rochester Hills, Cadillac Escalade, Hummer H2, Ford Mustang,
Achievement Thirteen Grammy Awards, The Greatest MCs of All Time,  Best Rap Album,  Academy Award for Best Original Song,  Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song, #82  100 Greatest Artists of All Time
Family Divorce to Kimberly Anne  with three children Hailie Jade Scott,  Alaina “Lainie” Mathers and Whitney

With $250 million net worth, Eminem put himself as #6 richest rapper alive by Forbes. That amount of money is higher than Ludacris with $65 Million or Pharrell Williams with $77.5 Million. Eminem is worth for that amount of money due his hard work as a rapper. But we should admit that it’s a bit strange to know a white man like him stand among richest black rapper in the world. Eminem should thank for his ability as a rapper that as his main source of money yet this day this man also has been transformed into  a businessman and occasionally being an actor too.

Eminem describes himself as troublesome kid, that can be seen clearly in some of his songs such as Cleaning Out My Closet. There we can see how bad his relationship with his mom Deborah R. Nelson. Eminem shows his interest to hip hop and rap at nine years old after listening to Ice-T single “Reckless”. Eminem started his professional career as a singer after launched his debut solo album, Infinite in 1996 even it get financially failure. Eminem got widely recognition three years again after the release of his major-label debut album The Slim Shady LP. It didn’t only bring his name into popularity but also gave him his first Grammy Award for Best Rap Album. His next album The Marshall Mathers LP, and The Eminem Show, both also won Best Rap Album Grammy Awards.

Eminem reported that his amount of salary reaching $20 million. And now as the owner of record label Shady Records and radio channel, Shade 45 on Sirius XM Radio yet he is still very valuable rapper Eminem success to get $250million amount net worth.