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Where Shawn is Johnson’s Money From?

Where Shawn is Johnson's Money From?

Pretty, outstanding and hard worker, no wonder this 21 year old retired American artistic gymnast Shawn Johnson net worth is reached $9million. Unfortunately in last  June 3, 2012, Shawn Johnson announced her retirement from the artistic gymnast. But it’s really interesting in talking about her net worth and Shawn Johnson source of money. Artistic gymnast of course becoming Shawn Johnson main source of money. This woman shows her ability in this path very well and she received great payment from it. In the 2008 Olympic she received a gold medal for balance beam and also received a silver medal for all-around and floor exercise. With that achievement Shawn Johnson wrote her name as one of notable gymnastic in America. It was reported that for her participation in U.S Championship only, Shawn Johnson has won once when she was senior and twice when she was in junior level. That’s why with that achievement and notable track, several companies are willing to endorse her. Those like Longines watches, Bounty paper towels, Hy-Vee grocery stores and Nike becomes her main sponsor and another Shawn Johnson source of money. Seems not enough, Shawn Johnson also earns money too from pharmaceutical company Sanofi-Aventis, because she is active spokesperson there. Despite that she is also partnered with  Crest toothpaste which also becomes her money source too. That’s why you don’t even asking how could Shawn Johnson received that big amount of net worth.

Shawn Johnson revealed that she had her ability in gymnastics since she was very young. After her parents showing her climbing cabinets and jumping off tables, at the age of three, she was enrolled in gymnastics class. Shawn Johnson started her career in Junior elite of gymnastic in 2004 after competing for Junior Olympics National Championships. And two years later in 2007, Shawn Johnson started her debut in world championship by being a participant in  2007 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships. She also becomes another participant for  American Cup on March 1, 2008 and the pre Olympic at the same year. In January 2010, Shawn Johnson leg injury and force her to stop for a while from gymnastic activity. But May 2010, she announced comeback to gymnastic till her retirement in 2012 due the knee problem.

In 2009, Shawn Johnson becoming a cast for the 8th season  reality show Dancing with the Stars with  Mark Ballas as her partner. For her appearance on this show, it was revealed that Shawn Johnson was paid about $365,000.