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Wins Against His Father, How Much is Paul Teuteul Jr Net Worth?

Wins Against His Father, How Much is Paul Teuteul Jr Net Worth?

Paul Teuteul Jr is one of the main stars in the American television programme, American Chopper. Along with his father, he built his show and his business with his father, Paul Teuteul Sr, Orange Country Choppers in 1999. Later, they had father and son problem related with the interest and finance in Orange Country Chopper. Paul Teuteul Jr was fired by his father, then Paul Teuteul Jr brought the case to the court and then he won the case.

Paul Teuteul Jr net worth is $10 million. Many Side persuaded Paul Teuteul Jr to stay collaborate with his father, because it would impact the program American Chopper in entertainment way.  Luckily, American Chopper show is extended in contract for new seasons with Paul Teuteul Sr and Jr again.

Full Name, Name  Paul Michael “Paulie” Teutul
Age, Born  October 2, 1974 (age 40)
Net Worth  $10 million
Endorsement  Lugz Boots
Source of Wealth  Motorcycle designer and builder,
founder Paul Jr. Designs
co-founder Orange County Choppers
Assets  Montgomery House, Orange Country Choppers, 48-acre farm, Chevrolet Corvette Z06, Pontiac Trans Am, 1960 Fuel Injected Corvette Convertible, 1969 CHEVROLET NOVA
Family  Rachael Biester Teutul (spouse)